BRING BACK BALANCE: Create a Living Dream Garden

You’ve been giving to everyone else. Time to refocus on you.

On June 23rd, 2015 my co-authored book Pebbles in the Pond Wave Four: Transforming the World One Person at a Time became an international number one best-seller. My chapter is called Put an End to Running on Empty: Bringing Back Balance For Over-Givers. I love helping Over-Givers (stressed healing professionals, teachers, caregivers and harried moms) bring back balance into their lives through creating Living Dream Gardens.

Those of us who are Over-Givers prioritize everyone else first. I learned this the hard way after years of running on empty, pushing myself into exhaustion and finally injury. Relentless pain and emergency back surgery taught me that I needed to take care of myself first, that I had to matter as much as those I serve. My chapter in Pebbles in the Pond Wave Four details my journey and offers the hope that you, too can learn to live life more joyfully, manifesting your own dreams as well as cheerleading others. Helen's MH quote

My Living Dream Gardens are the best way I’ve found (after years of running on empty) to anchor and ground each morning by connecting me back to the joy of Nature and Spirit. I then refocus on my own dreams and goals as a priority before I set out into the world to help others. I now am serving from a place of full, not empty and am manifesting miracles! I know that having your own Living Dream Garden can do this for you as well. I hope you will check out Pebbles in the Pond Wave Four and contact me about creating your own Garden. Just click the ContactUs form on the left, email me at or call (805) 489-7131.

There’s a link in the book to a video visualization to start you on manifesting the life of your dreams. Or access it here:

Helen and Christine

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Click here to see the movie trailer for Pebbles in the Pond Wave Four and hear my fellow authors and myself tell you why this is your time to shine, putting the past to rest and moving into the life you were born to live, beautiful, brilliant and free.

Pebbles Wave Four authors. I'm second from the right in the front row

Pebbles Wave Four authors. I’m second from the right in the front row

Choose to Thrive! Let Go of the Past to Come Alive!

Ozoresan Bury the past

Choose to Thrive! Let Go of the Past to Come Alive. This photo was taken of me at Ozorezan in Japan. Ozorezan is the Gateway to Hell according to the Buddhists, and a sacred shrine in Northern Aomori Prefecture where souls must cross the river to reach the afterlife. On this October day I came with a tour from Misawa Air Base where I was working as a mental health consultant to military families. Unexpected rain began to pour as we drove up, and everyone scattered for cover. I was quickly drenched as I passed through the entrance. The young … Please continue reading

To Thrive, Look Closely To Find the Beauty In Life

Bee in Cactus Flower

Sometimes we’re so busy and preoccupied that we don’t take time to look closely at the beauty around us. I was amazed to come out in the early morning and find these luscious blooms had emerged overnight on a prickly cactus. I smiled and rushed by, going down to feed my insistently neighing horse in the corral below. Hurrying back up, with my To Do’s chanting in my head, I almost didn’t stoop to peer more closely. Can you see the bee in the flower on the left? Suppose I didn’t look… or look again. Here’s the same view a … Please continue reading

Live and Grow and Thrive-Take Time To Sniff

small white roses

One way to nurture your dreams- to live and grow and thrive- is by taking time for yourself each day. We are always told to stop and smell the roses, and these red beauties in the Village of Arroyo Grande near my office were stunning. I was proud of myself for stopping to sniff. But wait- no scent! I then tried two other beautiful blooming bushes. Nothing. I stooped to the lowly, plain white roses by the gate. Beauty was in the nose of the beholder. Take time to examine beyond the expected. Please let me know what you find! … Please continue reading

My Favorite YouTube Video

This is Musical Rapture: A Healing Gift For Humanity by Joao Cota-Robles through Frederick Delarue. He says, “The frequency of this Celestial Music communicates with the Divine Intelligence of the body at a cellular level raising the consciousness of each cell. As the music soothes and comforts the cells, the body’s natural ability to heal itself is enhanced. ” “This sacred music is compatible and works in harmony with every healing modality or medical treatment a person may choose to experience. The music resonates with an additional blessing for everyone who is dealing with any form of cancer.” The complete … Please continue reading

Annoying or Awesome?

Wonderful bee photo

As I sat at my computer writing, I heard a buzzing sound. Irritated, I was convinced somehow a fly had gotten into the room and was trapped behind the wooden slats of the mini-blinds. I opened them a little further, and peered out. Instead of the anticipated black fly writhing, I saw a bee sipping lavendar nectar just outside my open window. When I took the time to look instead of pre-judging and just feeling annoyed, I was able to behold something awesome! Take the time for life. You might discover something unexpectedly wonderful. … Please continue reading

Honor Your Own Pace

photo (4) (1)

Sometimes life is so hectic that we lose sight of our big picture, our long-term goals, and get caught up in the whirlwind details of life. Take time this Spring to contemplate what it is you truly value. What is your passion? What can you dream and begin to envision that gives you a tingle of aliveness? You don’t need to know how to get there. That comes later. I believe that the Universe begins to align itself to support our goals as we begin to clarify our values and priorities. Remember the parable of the Tortoise and the Hare? … Please continue reading

Spring is a time of renewal


As the earth begins to warm, we see trees budding and even beginning to bloom, and hear Birdsong as they begin to create nests for the new life to come. We can reflect on what we wish to create in our own lives this Spring. We can take the time for ourselves to sit and breathe. Breathe in the new energies of renewal and Spring, and breathe out the old Winter energies of holding and withdrawing into oneself. What is it that you would like to bring forth? Plans for your creativity or self nurturing? This is a good time … Please continue reading