I am an Ordained Minister with HRF- Holistic Resources Foundation. The information below is from our website:

Our Vision:

A world-wide Family-in-Spirit of ministers, each one serving a community of people choosing to experience the love, support, and growth being uniquely shared in each ministry, inclusive of our universal principles.


Our Mission:

To support the shift of consciousness in the world from fear and separateness to love, acceptance, and sharing. After taking personalized vows, each minister leads a unique life of ministry in their own communities – some with their own organizations and non-profits – to bring the communities of the world much closer together as one Family-in-Spirit.


In the beginning of 2013, we are a small group of ministers and board/vestry members who are deeply committed to shifting consciousness and creating very expansive ministries which are already changing the world as we know it.  


What are we doing?


HRF, as the umbrella, holds us together energetically through the vision, mission, and doctrine of universal principles, in addition to our personal support system and friendships with each other.

Thus far, our ministers reach from Hawaii andAlaska to Oregon and Washington, to Coloradoto North Carolina.  



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Helen Sherry

Helen Sherry, Ph.D. is an initiated Elder and Keeper of the Women’s Waterbowl ceremonies, of which Rev. Misa Hopkins is the spiritual leader and Guardian. She offers a women’s full moon water ceremony each month in her office. Her current passion is her Living Dream Gardens that blend her knowledge of the principles of manifestation with a lifetime of studies in psychology and spirituality. They prayerfully incorporate Native American wisdom and medicine animals, deity figurines from many religious traditions, and the spiritual value and energy of different crystals with the beauty of succulents into miniature worlds adapted from Sandplay Therapy (studied in Switzerland with Dora Kalff, its creator.) Helen works with individuals and groups to create their perfect Gardens to manifest the life of their dreams. A Dream Garden becomes like an altar for sacred dream space. Helen has created a ritual that includes visualization, written affirmations, aromatherapy and candles for connecting with Spirit.

 Helen maintains a full-time psychotherapy practice in Arroyo Grande, on the Central Coast of CA, and has devoted more than 30 years to helping people heal from traumas and pain into happier lives. She loves working with children and teens and her books help them deal with tough issues. Her current book, Always and Forever, Angel’s Ladybugs,is a picture book about to come out from Authorhouse. Helen says, “I’ve been a grief specialist for many years, but only when I lost my own dad did I really understand the intensity of loss. I wrote this book to help children heal from losing a parent to war. I also help children create a Living Dream Garden as a Memory Garden for those they’ve lost. The photo for the back of the book is a picture of her father in his WWII uniform and the Living Dream Garden she created to honor his memory.  

Since 2009, Helen has been a Mental Health Consultant to military families,working on installations around the world. Please see her article on Working With Military Kids in the Spring 2010 Windowsill e-Magazine – 


Helen lives in Nipomo, CA with her husband Colin her horse, Red, dog Kara, and the family cat, Hobbes. She has two sons, Colin and Bryan.